I’m just making this post to give a huge thank you to everyone who was in the Burton v Man City chat this evening and paid respect to Emiliano Sala and his family. I give all my respect to all the users who planned for us to comment in the 28th minute of the match (as Sala is 28). A huge shoutout goes to these users who included Bantoine, InSane and Stylo (you’re all amazing people). I just want to finish this by sending out my prayers to Sala, his family, friends, team mates and anyone else affected by this heartbreaking event :broken_heart: Now we can only hope that Sala and anyone else on the plane is alive somewhere and will be able to recover from what has happened :pray:t2::blue_heart:


We all pray that he’ll be found safe, thank you for your respect tonight :heart:


Just got to say one of the most emotional and best moments I’ve seen on cs. Hopefully there is no toxicity on cs now.


Just want to re-iterate everything that you said and thank you to everyone who took part and respected it