Abolish The Congress System


The Congress system is a good thing. No doubt about it. But it has it’s flaws. And those flaws can be big things.

The first flaw is that there are many many users on CS , but you only get 20-something votes on the elections, unless the vote has been manipulated by a user. So it isn’t taking into account the opinions of thousands of other users.

Second of all is the competitiveness it brings out in people. CS is a great app, and it shouldn’t be something that causes arguments between people who think _________ would be better as ‘President’ than ___________.

Thirdly, and finally, what difference does it make? Sure, the president and the head of congress get a bit more respect than ‘normal’ users like myself, but, as we saw with the ‘badges for President and Head of Congress’ rejection recently, the votes don’t make too much difference, and can easily be manipulated.

As I said at the start, CS Congress is good, but it is coming to a stage where it may even break the app apart.

:warning:️ Don’t take this too seriously and get really mad at me. After all, it’s just my silly old opinion :warning:


I think the voting issue would easily be resolved if staff sponsored the election and posted about themselves. I see no issue in letting staff control the elections and Congress lets staff know who is running and what amendments we are making. I only see the toxicity running into the elections if we let it. The election system is meant to be a way for users to get their ideas across on the big stage. We have already been making efforts to improve the community with weekly events. The way I see it, is that it is easier to approach the President of the people and get in contact with them than it is to get in touch with staff.

As for vote manipulation, I can assure you there has never been any falsification of votes. We have been diligent in getting rid of repeat votes and we have tested the system to ensure everything is working.

You do have a point about the arguments that could arise, however I think if we hold ourselves to a higher standard then the elections could serve as a good community unifier instead of a cause for disagreement.