About The New Update


If you have any suggestions based on the new update (v4) leave them here. My suggestions are below👀

The new update is good and has a clean design… but there are a few features from previous versions that either were removed or can’t be performed on my device, these include the filtering (I’m Irish and have to scroll for ages to find my domestic league whereas before I filtered it so that it’s near the top), rapping other people’s pictures and seeing stuff like the team they support, holding a match to see a basic summary without going into the full page, being able to edit a contribution (eg. If someone had the incorrect goalscorer I cannot fix it myself) etc.
I enjoyed these features and would like to have them reintroduced (or at least know why they were removed). Also, I think if, when you comment using @ it notifies the user would be cool. Thanks.


Thanks for the feedback @nmag2018, much appreciated.

Firstly, filtering has been replaced by “Favourites”. Rather than having to filter/edit/order every league simply just select your favourite competitions and teams by pressing the star icon on the left of the match list. You are able to reorder your favourites list.

User profiles, match previews and editing contributions are all being worked on currently and will be included in upcoming releases.

We plan to improve our social features in the future and being able to @ users is something we are contemplating adding.

If you not a member of the BETA group (you’ll recieve previews of new releases) please email ios@crowdscores.com and we’ll add you. Also, if you have any more feedback then please get in touch.


@sarge Thanks for your response, it really helped to clear things up. However, I used the star and still can not rearrange my competitions, for instance, when I drag Bundesliga to the top, and scroll down, it returns to its previous spot :confused: I understand that this is a glitch and not a feature of the update but thought you should be made aware.


How come my profile picture is stuck on the one from 2 weeks ago even though I’ve evidently tried changing it at least 5 times since the update? @sarge



We are aware of this bug that happens when rearranging your competitions and it will be fixed in an upcoming release. In the meantime, you can work around the glitch by saving (press Done in the top right corner) everytime you move a competition. What happens is when you scroll down the list you lose any unsaved changes.



We are aware of this bug and are in the process of fixing it. We appreciate you being patient whilst we do this.


@sarge is this bug fixed? on the fixtures page when you try to rearrange your favorite competitions?


@dohake Not yet, we’ve been working through our backlog. It’s at the top now so it won’t be in the release 4.2.1 but will be in 4.2.2.


4.2.2 is out! I assume it’s now fixed?


@dohake It should be mate. Try it out and let me know if it works!


Yes, it is fixed! I was able to rearrange the competitions to my liking. Many thanks!