Account is banned


Hello, my account is banned, my username is Sunter, Can you deban me please ?


You were banned for breaking the If you feel you have been wrongly banned or want to appeal, email
Also, as I quoted in your other thread about the same topic: please do not post duplicate threads. It takes up space on the forums. If your account is ever banned in the future, please email the aforementioned address, and don’t post threads like this on the forums.
Hope this helps!


Merci de votre aide !


Can you debann me please ?


Do what I said in the reply if you would like to get unbanned.


If your account is banned then you can send a mail to active your account. You can also use the Roadrunner Email. For instant support related to the Roadrunner Email please visit Forgot Roadrunner Password for the best solution.


5 months later dude
Who knows this guy could be dead by now


He’s “Sirinho” on cs loool


That mark ford is spam, please ignore. No idea who he is.


Oh, I didn’t see mark ford in the app ever