Android CrowdScores


Hi. Heard there’s been an update for iOS to see exact comments and likes. Just wondering, I’m really strongly passionate about the app, and there’s many others on the app that want profiles to be fixed on android. It’s unfair how iOS has priority to the major and essential things of your app. Knowing people’s profiles captures the essence of what type of user they are, and people should be able to know exact numbers to be able to celebrate having a lot of comments, as it allows them to be well respected by the community and helps them to build a reputation. Adding these back would be extremely beneficial and also I believe users should be able to know as it is a core aspect of the app, and comments is an essential thing that makes people respected on the app, and being devoted to the app should be rewarded. I’m currently on 15.2k however because it is rounded I’m not able to know if I hit 15.2k. This needs to be addressed ASAP, and would be amazing if it was before the start of the season. Thank you, InSané.


I also agree with @InSane19


We’ll make the changed to the number displayed on Android in the near future. We decided to work on other features such as squad pages for the upcoming release instead as we thought this would be very useful for the World Cup.


Yes It is good decesion and it should be respected by all. Android is supported to many apps and working so people are interesting to use apps in their mobile device. Nowday, business use Icloud support for storage the valuable document and other thing which is related to android and apps