Android CS issues


Android cs is broken. Every time i post a comment it crashes and I have to reinstall it. Hope it will be fixed soon.


I’m an android user and yeah true when I write comment it is unable to send or late sending. Please staff, fix it.


It also crashes a lot for us, so this needs to be sorted also (IOS) I usually find the problems occur when I have had the app open for a longer period of time.


What version of the Android App do you have? And just give me a small explanation of what happens.


I’m on 4.0.3


It was 4.0.4 and often the app freezes when I scroll too fast or make a comment and I have to uninstall or wait ages for it to actually “close” the app so that I can start it back up.


Since the update, I can not open the app, I am blocked. I tried to uninstall the app and reinstall it but without success, I tried to turn off my phone but it did not do anything.
I hope it will work for tonight.


Are you on Android as well? Which version of the app is this?


Yes i am on Android, This is the version 4.1.0 :wink:



That crash was now been resolved and if you update to the latest Android beta release it should work fine.

Can you let me know if this is the case for you?


I just updated the application, It works perfectly! thank you so much Sarge !


I’m on 4.0.3 and still have problems


There is an update coming soon. If you’re not signed up for the android beta program then you won’t have the update yet. Stay patient and the fix will be out for you soon! :raised_hands:t2:


Okay, I was signed up Android beta and I’m waiting! Thanks for information