April 2018 Election Results


Wave (A) — 55%
BantoineGriezmann (E) — 24%
Jamie_Vardy (U) — 21%

Referendum: Should the recent major update to CrowdScores be reversed?
Yes — 45%
No — 0%
No, but some features should be changed/removed — 55%

Referendum: Should the President and Head of Congress have special badges?
Yes — 76%
No — 24%

Demographics: 69% of voters were from Europe, 22% from North America, 6% from South America, and 3% from Oceania. Half joined CS in 2017, with 22% each coming from 2018ers and 2016ers. 3% joined in 2015 and 3% in 2014 or earlier.


@sarge The people have spoken via referendum on these two topics. The badges referendum results show that CS users feel badges for president and head of congress are relevant to them. As the one about the update did not mention specifics, we can make a post on the forums or on CS so everyone can talk about which specific features they believe need changing. I look forward to continuing these discussions.



Yes, the badges are releveant to you guys as you all know and interact with eachother on a regular basis but this isn’t the case for all users/ Also, since the voting system is something which is done out of side of CrowdScores it could easily be manipulated.

If there was something more official, perhaps within the forums, then we could setup something like a vote for a “User of the month” as voted for by the community.

As for the features, this is feedback that we are always looking for so the more detail we can get the better.