Badges based on comment amount


I think that you should have badges - or at least coloured icons - next to your pfp on CS when you reach a certain amount of comments. For example:
Grey 0-4999 comments
Green 5000-9999 comments
Blue 10000-24999 comments
Purple 25000-49999 comments
Gold 50000+ comments
Tell me what you guys think!

CrowdScores Features

I’d wait for the profiles to return so we can track comment counts first. Once they resolve that, I’d love for them to implement something like that.


Badges sound great, however I think the format should be
White 0-1,000
Yellow 1,000-5,000
Green 5,000-10,000
Bronze (Brown) 10,000 - 25,000
Silver 25,000 - 50,000
Gold 50,000 - 100,000
Black 100,000+


Thanks for the suggestion. We’re hoping to work on a badge system as soon as we’ve got the profiles live again on the iOS app.


Agreed @Everton_Forever, you’re colours are probably better


However, I would like to replace grey and purple. The rest are good.


Maybe white and red?


Now that the app is in a good state, I am considering re-pitching this idea to the community. Tell me what you think guys!


C’est une très bonne idée, Ça ajoutera de la diversité, Mais j’ai peur que sa entraîne des spams