Badges for CrowdScores Congress


This might be a longshot but here goes…
I think there should be badges for the President and Head of Congress. These positions come with great power and prestige in the community, and I think it would be awesome to highlight that with a badge. I will help out by sharing when there’s a new president or head of congress with whichever staff member deals with badges, so we can keep the badges up to date. CrowdScores Congress is one of the most extensive and unique endeavors this community has embarked upon, and it would be amazing if our hard work was rewarded with a nice badge for the President and Head of Congress.


The community could also submit badge design suggestions and the winner could be announced by the company twitter. Personally I see this as yet another outstanding community measure.


That’s a good suggestion and we have been considering something similar for a while now. I’m not sure how it would work with CrowdScores Congress as this is a group within CrowdScores and we feel that badges to need to relevant and achievable for everyone in the app.

More badges and distinctions between levels of users is something we’re currently discussing and hope to develop in the near future.


Anyone is eligible to run for Congress and if their party wins majority they could become Head of Congress. And anyone who meets a reasonable requirement can run for president. Everyone also has the opportunity to vote for these people. Imo, president and head of congress are relevant and achievable for the CrowdScores community.