Bug in changing profile


Staff I have a bug im the app. I can’t change my profile. When I for example change my favorite club I save it, but after that it’s gone. The same when I want to change my name. I am om IOS and I have the newest version.



Thank you for getting in touch.

We are looking into the problem at the moment and will let you know when it is fixed.



Hi Soph

I’m also getting the same bug. Any update on when it’ll get fixed?

Kind regards


Hi Murray, the update should have sorted this. let me know!



I don’t have a update. Is the update coming for IOS?


Yes it is, will be with you soon :slight_smile:


I updated the app, but it’s still the same problem.


Me too. Problem still persists.


When you don’t solve this problem within 48 hours, we want financial compensation for the mental damage we got because we can’t put our name and favourite team in our profile.


Sorry for the delay on this. It’ll be fixed in the next iOS update that’s coming out next week. We’ve revamped the whole screen so it’s taken a lot longer than anticipated!


Okay Tom, what about the compensation?:smirk:


Bug still there for me.


I updated the app and it should be fixed now, but I can’t login because there is a problem with connecting to the server.


Sorry, that’s my fault. I forgot I used google to login. But the bug is fixed now. Thanks!