Chat with me here


Do you chat in app? Chat here too​:point_down::point_down::point_down::point_down:


@Mercedes-Benz How are you mate? I missed you? :slight_smile:


Hello my friend, Hope you’re doing okay. Did you join back on the app?


Nope mate. I’m very angry because I want to chat with you. :slight_smile:


Please understand me. I’m having difficult time.


Are you okay? What’s happening?


I’m good but I can’t chat with you guys because Always I get spam, unfortunately.


You can use the app and chat with us about football and make friends but try not to spam since that’s against rules. :wink:


Thank you for giving me morale, I can return time. Kardeşim❤


Okay Kardeşim, hope to see you again :sunglasses:


I will consider your gossip, kardeşim sizleri özledim belki dönerim. :heart::heart:


Hello mate! Who is new moderator? Please answer me.


Me and Insané are moderators but a few more will be selected.


Do you think I can be a moderator? Hope I can moderator! :grinning:


Mate, can’t wait because I want to be a moderator. :no_entry:


To be honest, it’s not easy to become a moderator. You need to be willing to help this community and you need to follow the rules. We’ll see :sunglasses:


Agree mate. I like difficult! :joy::joy::joy::sunglasses::sunglasses:


If u didnt cry after reading this you are a sick human being


I did haha. 5 months later as well