Comments Section - My Viewpoint (31/01/2018)


Hello lads, WildWalcott here.

Okay so I’ve seen and heard many comments about the state of the comments sections on CrowdScores recently. One common theme is that they are all negative.
Personally, I find the comments section quite nice. If 1) staff got involved a lot more, 2) we could avoid the ‘beef’ which has recently become commonplace and 3) more people would commentate and support simultaneously rather than one or the other it would be perfect.
Barring the beef with the Turks and the Coll situation, it has been great! The Christmas chat was amazing until the Turk invasion, and people like Dan, Tammy, Achraf, Jonas, Dundalk and yes, even Laca can make my day sometimes.
If you can sort the aforementioned issues, it would be absolutely perfect!

                                        - WildWalcott



Thanks for the feedback, we’ll be taking it on board.


I see many spammers in the comment sections but they never go away I request something to be done


Screenshot_2018-02-11-17-59-56-1 @sarge can you do something about this please


Screenshot_2018-02-11-18-08-46-1 This is just disgraceful


Put it on my page for banning people