Community Moderators


We are looking for users to become moderators on CrowdScores to make the community a safer and more enjoyable place for users.

As a moderator, all you will be required to do is ensure that users are obeying the community guidelines whilst you are chatting on CrowdScores.

Moderators will have a badge next to their picture and displayed on their profile.

If you are interested in becoming a moderator then please email your answers to the following questions to

What is your CrowdScores username?

Which languages do you speak?

What competition do you predominantly follow?

How many games to you contribute to on average weekly?

Why do you want to become a moderator for CrowdScores?

Why would you be good for the position?


Hi, my name is Louis Marty, I come from France (and Hungary) and I’m interrested to be moderator on the French League specially. I’m a PSG fan.

My CrowdScores username is HUNGAR1AN_PSG.
I speak french, english and a little hungarian.
I follow all the leagues but predominanlty Ligue 1.
I can contribute to 2 games per week.
I would be good because I know the rules even if I didn’t respect them many times (I got banned yes). I get banned because I provoked some people. I know the feeling to be banned and that put me in the right way. I’m very interested to be moderator for the french community specially.

Louis, a old member of CS


How long would it take for a response as to if the application was successful or not, many thanks


My e-mail is getting fixed at the minute, so hopefully I can do this on here.
My name is Cristiano Del Ferri
My CS name is PaIace.
I am a Crystal Palace supporter, so I predominately support the Premier League.
I contribute to games almost every day.
I would very much like to be a CS moderator as I know all the rules, and respect them as well.
I have never been banned and use CS often, meaning I would notice unjust behaviour.
I believe that I would be good for this job, because I’ve been on CS for some time, use it often and respect the rules.
Thank you,


My name is Daniel Hewett.
My Crowdscores name is Albion4Ever.
I am a West Bromwich Albion supporter.
I predominantly follow the PL and the Championship
I respect the rules after I learned what they were
I speak English and a little bit of French
I contribute to most games per week as I usually make 100 - 200 contributions each week.
I think I would be good for this position because I respect the rules, so I’d be able to tell if someone was manipulating / taking advantage of those rules and sometimes when things are getting out of hand I’ve tried my best to stop all the arguments.
The reason I want to become a Crowdscores moderator is because I love the app, I love the community and the people on the app. I think I would be able to bring a feeling of unity and enjoyment to the app that it has never seen before.
Thanks, Daniel


Hi, my name is Hugo Trapani. I come from Belgium and I’m very interested to become a moderator in the French League. And I’m a Barcelona fans.

My crowdscore name is TheEvra78.
I speak French, English and Dutch.
I follow all league but especially the French and English league.
I can contribuate 3 games a week.
I would be good because I konw all the rules of crowdscore and I know some people.
I’ve never get ban since I create my account.
I love crowdscore and be a moderator would be a great experience for me.



Just so you lot know and have a fair shot at getting the position, I’m fairly sure they won’t read your application unless you email it to them


We’re keeping an eye on here but email is our preferred method for receiving applications.


@sarge My e-mail isn’t working, sorry.


My name is Lorenzo González
My CrowdScores name is Andresinho__
I speak Spanish and English
I follow mainly La Liga but also other European competitions as well as the Champions League
I can contribute to a few games daily
I want to be a moderator on this app because I respect the community and the people in it
I would be good for the position because I haven’t been banned since the time I made my account (December 2015)


My name is Brian Crowley and my Crowdscores name is BrianCrowley72
I speak English
I follow the premier league most of the time and European Leagues and sometimes other leagues
I can contribute to 4 games weekly
I want to be a moderator so deal with the people that are breaking the community guidelines
I would be good for this position because I think I can be trusted and that I am willing for the job


Ive send an email :slight_smile:


Hello all!

Many thanks for all of your submissions!

Just to let everyone know that the decision has been made and we will be sending emails out everyone to inform if you have been successful or not.

You will hear from us no later then Friday 19th!


Hi Joe! If you don’t mind me asking, who have the roles been given to?


Hi! After the update you will be able to see who are moderators via their badge :slight_smile:


Just wanted to throw out a quick congratulations to everyone who was accepted and a nod to everyone who applied. I think it’s great so many people applied to try to help out the community, and I think this is a giant step in the right direction.


Hi! My name is Kayra.
My account name is KRAL_ but my account get banned. Please help me


My name is Noubosse Loic
I am from Cameroon in Africa
My crowdscore name is InMessi
I support two teams : Barcelona and Dortmund.
I always respect the rules and have never get banmed.
I speak English, French and German so i can talk with almost all the users.
I want to be a moderator to improve this app, help the people to know the rules, talk to everyone and resolve some of their problems with the app.
Thanks Loic.


My CrowdScores username is ChristianPulisic. I speak Spanish,English,and little Italian. I would mostly likely be in competition such as La Liga,Ligue 1, Premier League,Friendlies,Concacaf,etc…
I would contribute 15 to 25 games atleast depends if i watch games on live but i can try my best in doing what i could do.
I wanna become a moderator to help the community that needs help in being involved or situations and contributing games. I do not post in chat badwords or negativiy or anything that has to do with this.
In my opinion i think i would be a good fit for the position because if anybody have to do deal with anything that has to do with disrespect or more i would handle it. I am active to 3 hours to 5 hours. I support teams like Dortmund, Arsenal, and

                    CrowdScorer Fan - ChristianPulisic