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Last night the app was not great, and that’s blatant for anyone to see. I was on the way home and thought I’d just go on the app for some friendly talking, but all i saw was arguments that had just happened. These arguments seem to have come from the removal of comments. OneBiteIsNotBad has done his own section on what happened last night on the forum. I don’t think making comments that are just going to attract likes are correct, hence why I myself removed one of Luis’ comments; which said this comment will be top comment for no reason what the hell is this app or something similar and the game was a Spurs game and I felt that was wrong as he had spoke about likes several times before, and bragging whenever he had top comment and I reported it under spam. Last night, more people made comments I can’t see because they were removed, but people were very annoyed, and jokes started to be made at mods. Then Luis’ comment I bet the city fans had a heart attack with that off the line clearance was also removed. This is where the chat becomes toxic. For me, I’m not sure there’s any reason for that comment to be removed. It’s match related and not spam, not threatening or abusive, and nothing racial - yet it was removed. People were also doing top 5’s. Now I myself have done these in the past and it didn’t seem to cause any disruption, and in fact it made the chats more interactive in the past. One of the mods warned people for doing them, however it was only in one comment and not hurting the chat. I think the community just needs to know if we’re allowed to do certain things. After a few jokes like “the mod sees a comment hi, oops delete” one of the mods also starting telling users he’ll leave the chat and the chat would, i quote, “descend into chaos.” I’m not a fan of moderator and community friction, however last night there was big issues regarding a moderator and the community. I just want the app to be less toxic and more friendly.


Wasn’t exactly bragging I mean cmon reaching top comments is very cool


The top comments you were getting were just none related to football, and it almost became like a game to you, like who can make the most random comment and make it top comment. Top comments should be all about football and not something as silly as it was. Don’t be upset though, I’ll be doing my best from now to make sure zero comments are removed unfairly. Enjoy your day, Luis. Maybe you could be in the Tottenham chat later if it’s active?