CrowdScores Features


Hey guys. I just wanted to see people’s opinions on a few things. Firstly, I think that Android crowdscores should potentially have a notifications page in the future, alot of my comments end up having replies that I don’t see until around 7 hours late, and if it’s another android user replying to me it’s likely I’ll never get a response. i was also thinking of potentially adding (on iOS and android) a man of the match vote, voted for by users as I feel this add new ways to interact. I’d also say a nice blog on the side just for match predictions would be cool and moderators can remove any comments that aren’t people’s predictions, but I’m probably asking too much there xD


Being an iOS user, I’m startled reading this as to the benefits of owning an Apple device over an Android device on this app.

I agree with all of these statements, and I myself would like to make some recommendations for new features:

Reporting Users - More Options
When you report a user, you get 4 options for a report. Spam; hateful and abusive; racist, sexist or discriminatory; excessive swearing. I believe that we should have more at our disposal, including Inappropriate Username, Inappropriate Profile Picture, Aggression Towards Others, Persistent Ban Evasion and maybe more, if that’s possible.

Night Theme
This one is fairly self-explanatory. A night theme or night mode would benefit so many users and give us a slight edge over some rival apps.

Badges Based On Amount of Comments
I have proposed this idea before on the forums, so refer to this link here to view my proposal: Badges based on comment amount

Multiple Chatrooms
Ok, this one is slightly outlandish. However, I would recommend having a chat room for commentary and then general chat. This would benefit the community largely and would make the community come off in a better light to others, proving the doubters wrong. On Twitter, I’ve seen negative tweets made about the community. This feature could change that drastically.

Thanks for reading, let me know what you think!


Damn, these are amazing suggestions. The one about reporting is the one I’d be most relieved to see added by staff, like, i think that we should be allowed a 200 word box to explain what the user has done wrong. so the 4 normal ones and then an option to write a comment instead under a 'other section.


Didn’t think of that actually, nice one :+1:t2:


Just hope staff see these :eyes: (which I know they will :wink:)



I shall be passing all this feedback on as they are good ideas! We would be looking to do badges, however they won’t be based on comment count as this encourages people to spam. (I hate spam)


Ayyy nice! Cheers Joe :call_me_hand:


Hope some of these might end up being added, especially the new matchlist. android cs is stale and there’s not much innovation on how the app looks - just my opinion.


Yeah, we are a bit behind with Android, but now we will be getting it all up to speed with iOS :slight_smile: