CrowdScores User: Alfie


Hello everyone, i hope you’re all well and having a nice day. Over the past week it has been brought to my attention by many CrowdScores users that Alfie has been causing unnecessary toxicity and giving out a negative vibe around the app. Now i for one, do not stand for this as i want to help the staff, moderators and community in their efforts to help make this app the best football app out there. Alfie has previously offended on CrowdScores for example, In February 2017 during the Leicester Vs Man United game he was in the chat and said “hope this ref dies from cholera” and many users were disgusted by this and quite rightly so. In April 2018, he gave a death threat to a few users and he made chats toxic. After that, i thought there was no way he should be able to come back and was rightly ip banned. Recently, he has been making the app toxic and being annoying and spamming Leeds chants. it isn’t just him, there are other Leeds fans doing this. I personally do believe something should be done about this and i think this time if he is banned we must not let him into the community again as for the reasons i have listed above and also a maturity issue, i see Alfie as a threat to the app if he is allowed back on after a ban.
Thanks for reading everyone, god bless you all, from Dan