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Recently chats have become more toxic because of Dan. It was so bad at times that he was putting extremely offensive comments in the chat and therefore, in the end, staff ip banned him. Now, since then people have obviously had questions as to where he’s gone, so I told them he had gone forever due to the severity of some of the things he’d said. Theres alot of people who believe this is down to his health problems. I have sources to say that certain users are using one of our moderators, which I will not name, to unban dan. They want to put pressure on the staff by using a moderator, I quote “that they might listen to and think oh yeah we might’ve been too harsh here” this has all been going on over a discord server and i already have the evidence if it is required by staff. This whole Dan situation has took a turn for the worse. Attempting to put pressure on staff could potentially make the situation worse so if you want to speak to staff, DM them privately over this page because right now the community needs to move on from Dan until staff make a further decision. Pressuring them and trying to force people into liking Luis’ community page comment about Dan to make the staff notice isn’t going to help anything. Im not in a position to name which moderator is ringleading but it is him and a couple of other users that are spearheading this after saying we shouldn’t talk about dan. Speak to staff privately. Dan has said he’s hated all the attention but posting about him all over the forums will not help him or the community. Staff have made a decision and that is a final decision at this moment. @joeb92 @sarge


I agree mate. I like dan as a person and I’m sure most of us do but for the apps sake he shouldn’t come back. He can still talk to us on discord but he shouldn’t come back.
If he comes back he has to be on his best behaviour.
I reckon because he was so liked in early 2018 it just got to his head and he thought he could say what he liked. We like dan but he shouldn’t come back.


I couldn’t agree more


Agreed ban shouldn’t be lifted


Firstly, I’d rather not be unbanned. There is only one person who knows what’s going on with me and that is indeed me. I reckon it is the health problems I’ve got. I can’t help the meltdowns I have which is what causes the offensive comments to be made and also I don’t think you guys actually understand how much it does my head in when I see people talking about me all the time and then people laughing about me and also people making chants about me. Do not like the unwanted attention and i personally think people who talk about me on the app deserve a ban because it does my nut in when I get sent screenshots of what people are saying so next time if you want your app to be safe I strongly recommend that you don’t talk about me or laugh about me or make chants about me. Seriously no one cares, I’ve gone. Deal with it, move on and stop this weird obsession with me


If it’s harming you so much, there’s no need to even look on cs chats, especially when you’ve not got an account anymore. I don’t condemn people talking about you but it’s easy to avoid it, is it not?


I’m not even going on the app, I’m getting sent screenshots over discord from other users and plus you saying “easy to avoid” is a bit rich when you used to say “oh I’m leaving” and then literally come back two hours later


They’re your screenshots because you sent them over discord.


That’s only one. I’m talking about the last 6 weeks where you guys have decided “oh let’s make dan the bad guy” I personally don’t feel I’ve done anything wrong. It’s you guys who have forced the comments and forced the ban, if you guys weren’t so against me then none of this would’ve happened. The ones last night were sent to me by Bitez but i feel that you guys have shamed yourselves and shamed the app over the last 5 weeks by trying to get me banned when I haven’t really done anything wrong. If you’re actually observant and reading the chats and the conversations you’ll see that I did absolutely nothing wrong. You lot forced the offensive comments. I also class that as bullying because it’s happened repeatedly for 5 weeks and has happened pretty much every day. Sickening to bully a kid with health problems! Absolutely disgusting. Classy bunch you lot are


Mate 1 we didn’t bully you 2 we haven’t targeted you 3 you shouldn’t have said you want wolves players to die then. Simple as.


You have though because it’s been a repeated attack for 5 weeks and I’ve done nothing to bring those attacks on. The fact you’ve basically just there said “deal with it” in other words is a disgrace. The attack could be prevented if you weren’t so obsessed with me so if anything you lot are in the wrong here. Just accept it, you bullied me and I really won’t stand for that so you lot need to stop being obsessed with me if you want the app to stay safe


I just said you can avoid this by keeping off the app and off discord if people keep sending you screenshots. Never been scrutinised so much for wanting the best for someone :confused:


You don’t see this as bullying?!?!? Ok mate!
0D0447CF-3FB4-47C2-9EB9-322BF04CE963 firstly, WBAGIRL is not me and secondly that screenshot proves that you lot have bullied and targeted a kid with health problems


m8 Dan said he didnt want the unwanted attention I asked him that I should post a topic about it and he said sure and I was not talking about an unban I was talking about the unwanted attention dan is getting because he has mental problems he can’t deal with it so I’m doing my best to help this community