Demande pour les modérateurs


Bonjour. J’aimerais savoir si vous recherchiez des modérateurs en ce moment. Si c’est le cas, j’aimerais me représenter, merci de votre réponse


I don’t understand French sorry but if you say to mean to be a mod on French League, I think our community don’t need a mod for French League. Maybe one day not currently. Sorry


Ok thanks But maybe in a while …


Personally, I think NeymarOFF is doing a fenomenal job and we don’t need any more moderators in the French league at this moment. Apologies.


You could try when staff ask for mods but I don’t know when that’s going to happen
and if it does happen don’t email them they never respond mails lmao


Thank you very much, when I become moderator, I immediately understood that I had to be as present as possible, I do not think I need help for the French league


Missed opportunity to say “Merci mon ami”