Emiliano Sala Tribute - thank you all


Tonight during the Arsenal vs Cardiff game on the 28th minute was a planned tribute along with the rest of the world and the Premier League obviously at those games they have all had minute silences. however in the Cardiff City game myself and the rest of the crowdscores community over discord planned for a tribute for Sala to take place. I just want to say thank you to everyone who took part and i saw screenshots of this over discord and i am proud of how 99.99% of you have all handled the situation with incredible maturity and respect the last week has shown that the community is taking the steps in the right direction to become the best football family on the web so thank you everyone who took part and our condolences go to everyone associated with Cardiff City football club and Emiliano Sala’s family and friends and also the pilot and his family and friends and everyone else who was affected by this. once again, thank you everyone!