Fantasy Football - Premier League

Firstly I would like to say… What a World Cup! And congratulations to France.

I would also like to congratulate our very own Sarge with winning the CrowdScores World Cup fantasy league! His skill as a dedicated analyst to the game pushed him over the line.

But this now brings us onto the Premier League! Once again make sure you use your CrowdScores usernames to make sure you are recognisable: The fantasy league is on The code for the CrowdScores fantasy league is: 1806-809

So good luck everybody and remember to tell people your progress in the comments section!


@joeb92 Thanks for that

Top of the league :eyes:

Stop flexing Stylo :sleeping::disappointed:

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@Stylo what’s that league? How am I not in there, can i join?

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It’s just the Crowdscores fantasy league. Read Joe’s top comment and the code is there to join. You’ll be last place because you’re so late to join and won’t go up any places but if you want to join just install the Premier League official app and use the code to sign up to the league. :facepunch:t2: