Fantasy League Update



As we are coming to the big stages of The World Cup it would be good to see an update on the CrowdScores fantasy! Some people are doing well… Other not so well!

CrowdScores very own Sargatron with his team DeleThis is leading the pack with 213 points with Matt_Taylor and his team Le_Petit_Dons coming in a 204 points.

Patrolling the bottom with 124 points is PC_Dave, who should frankly give up if he hasn’t already. As for me (IwobiWanKenobiMikel) I am 16th on 141 points on the verge of rage quitting as my changes didn’t save.

Can Mr Sarge carry on and take the CrowdScores trophy? Watch this Space!


Nice! :+1::sunglasses:
But I’m not join because I’ve get banned


Too easy :sunglasses: