Fantasy World Cup and Prediction Leagues


I hope everyone is as excited about The World Cup as we are at CrowdScores!

For this World Cup we have got two competitions for users to compete in; we have the FIFA World Cup Match predictor league and the McDonalds FIFA World Cup Fantasy!

Predictor League

All 64 matches are on the Match Predictor! Predict the outcome, match-by-match. Build your points, climb the leaderboard. All rules and how to play are on the website. We have our own CrowdScores League to compete against each other. Make sure you use your CrowdScores usernames so we know who is winning!

The link to the Match Predictor is here:

The code to join the CrowdScores league, the link is here: 3580c096

Fantasy Football

If you play Fantasy Premier League, then you will be familiar with this. Very simple to set up and play, choose players on who you think will do well and you will gain points. Climb the leaderboard and gain as many points as possible! Once again make sure you use your CrowdScores username.

The link to the Fantasy Football is:

And the code to join the CrowdScores table link is: DFQFEEJT

Enjoy and Good Luck everyone!





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