February Election Results


Hello all!

The February Elections have come to an end…and what an election!

DivockJohnson- 31 votes (52%)
Alessio- 19 votes (32%)
Jamie_Vardy- 10 votes (17%)

Fun Fact: DivockJohnson is the first candidate since July to win over 50% of the vote, and is only the second incumbent to manage it.

Blue_Till_I_Die- 20 votes (33%)
THATDUNDALKFAN- 40 votes (66%)

Point of Interest: The Artisan party has won another seat! This brings their total to 14 members.

The “#Crexit” vote has ended in a tie between remain and remain+expand, so Congress will vote between those two options.

As promised… Souffle


Another month of soufflédom :bread::bread::bread:


Well Done Divock. Great president


Artisan for life mate. Congrats :bread:


Respect to Divock :bread::bread::bread:


Sarge, I think it would be beneficial to possibly post the link in another popular match. I’d suggest also promoting the official twitter in there, as I doubt many of the newer users know it exists and supplies updates.


@DivockJohnson I will get round to doing that this week.