Fifa 18 and Chill


This is for Fifa and Chill so if you’re doing something on Fifa then just come and commentate here


I’ll comment my Wolves career mode on here!


Oi Albion I’ll record part 2 of WBA career asap


I will talk about how bad I’m at Fifa 12


@Everton_Forever what’s your channel called!


Anyone got FIFA on PS4?


@sarge I have mate :grin:


@Bman554 StyloGames57


Guys rate my squad. I’ll get prime Litmanen when it gets released.


6.983 out of 10 for me


6.985 out of 10 for me


Blackburn career mode season 2 finished and this is my team at the start of season 3. Blackburn had horrible start at Championship gaining only 1 point of 11 games and Allu was close to be sacked. Then it all changed and Blackburn finished the season as 4th. Brighton finished 1st and Reading 2nd. Newcastle finished 3rd. Well Blackburn had beaten Spurs in quarterfinals of FA Cup in amazing match. 10 mins Alli scores. 85 mins Arp makes it 1-1. 112 minutes spurs get a pen but Raya saves it. 115 mins Coman makes it 2-1. 117 mins Sessegnon makes it 2-2 and 120 mins Foden strieks the ball 5 meters wide but Lloris saves it to his own net. Then Blackburn beat Chelsea in semis and Derby in final and Blackburn have won the FA Cup. Also we won against Newcastle at the playoffs and made it to the Premier League.


So 19/20 season finished and this is my team for the next season.

Blackburn’s season was a crazy one. Second game of the PL they won against ManU 3-1. Europa league ended in the quarter finals against Villarreal 2-2 and out on away goals. FA Cup ended in the semifinals against ManU 1-3 loss. Premier league was a crazy one. Chelsea 1st 80pts. Everton 2nd 69pts. 3rd ManCity 69pts. 4th Stoke 66pts. 5th Arsenal 65pts. (Tottenham 6th, ManU 7th and Liverpool 12th.) Blackburn finished 13th. Teams relegated were Sheffield Wednesday, Southampton and Reading. Fun fact: England won the european championship.


Howdy lads! How ya doing? I started a big project on Fifa 18 where I make all teams what they were like in season 2013/2014. I’ve done all Premier league teams now. And some La Liga. Going to do all top 5 leagues and 2nd divisions and Liga NOS, Russian league, Belgium, Süper Lig and some others. I’d like to ask would you like to hear what happens on that career mode when I start it, like how teams do and transfers that happen etc. Also should I create some legends that have retired? Like Gerrard, Lahm, Ronaldinho etc.


Love it! Would be great!


Great that it has some interest. I’m home at tomorrow morning and I’ll start doing rest of the teams.


Drogheda United career mode Europa League semi-final first leg was rough… 3-1 down to Arsenal going into leg 2😬


If you people don’t mind I create a new message chain because otherwise I’d have to spam a lot here so I “spam” there.


The last Giovinco card that i dont have. COME TO PAPA


There he is lads