Football jerseys


Let’s talk here about best looking football kits of the season and what jerseys you are planning to get. Also we can share some great sites to order some jerseys.


I’m going to buy a lot of jerseys on June and these are some of the jerseys I’m going to buy: Cameroon Home 17/18 and Ivory Coast Home 17/18. Still looking for some more.


I might buy the Swedish National Team kit :wink: 17/18


Also going to buy Bayern new home and away kits. Probably not going to buy the 3rd kit because white shirts get dirty way too easily. Also going to look if some other teams have great new kits. And get a lot of cheap kits from Cfs shop.


What sites are the cheapest but best quality for buying football kits? Cheers lads!


Well international sites I can recommend are and Sports Direct. Rest of my shirts I order from Unisportstore.


@Allu Cheers mate :slight_smile:


West Brom shirt, possibly the last PL kit of ours for the decade


One of my favorite kits of the season.
But this one is the best kit of the season! So bitter that somebody washed it and the Lahm on the back got damaged.


Think the Huddersfield third kit looks sick


I agree looks great. Unfortunately i can’t find that kit on the shop is usually use.


Still looking for this Ajax shirt but can’t find. CFS shop said this should be available sometime this year.
Also this shirt is one of the best looking shirts of all time. I found some on ebay but I’ve never ordered anything from ebay so don’t know it it’s trustworthy.


Haha I never buy things from eBay. Cheapskates :joy::joy::joy:


Oh i found this…
Okay no one buys that okay. Well if you buy you can send it to me ofc :wink:. Otherwise let it be I’m starting to save some money.


Bamber Bridge FC away shirt this season 2017 /18 The embossed badge in the shirt makes it unique. Superb shirt. The White home shirt is equally impressive


Jeez that’s amazing looking shirt. Is it possible to buy these lower league teams’s shirts somewhere online?


That actually looks sick mate


Actually the Grey is the keepers shirt,The away shirt is red. Bamber Bridge don’t have an online shop but sell them in the club shop. I dare say they’d do pdstal sales. Shirts are £30