Improve the Comments Tab


There has been a lot of discussion lately within the comments tab regarding the quality of comments and general enjoyment when chatting on the app.

How do you think we could improve this?


I just wanna ask how long does it take for u guys 2 check if we have made some adds I mean new players that isnt in the Teams 11


The function of when you @ people they get a notification straight away


I agree with Dan also try to keep the app clean and give a ban warning if someone does something wrong so they have a chance to clean there mistakes


Try also to get the links working


I agree with Albion
And when we click on a player you can comment on him would be a good idea


Have a transfer section where we can put the percentage of the rumour happening


Not tryna take a dig at staff here but I think they should get more involved in comments sections like that used to :grin:


Batshuyai plays for BVB now. Staff


I think we sorted this on Friday night. Thanks for the heads up.




Can you ban him? He was being racist


@DAT1DUNDALKFANI’ll look into this now.

What was your first screenshot from Snapchat about?


Don’t read it
It was an accident I accidentally sent that instead of the second one


Also thank you for banning him I felt highly offended from it