Improved contributions



I think the contribution feature needs an improvement. There is plenty of matches with no line-ups and scorers aren’t shown. Usually when I contribute the lineup nothing happens, same with goal scorers. Is there a way to make the contributions more effective so when you contribute something it would most likely show up in the app? Also I’d like to know how the process goes when someone contributes. Like how difficult process is it to verify the contribution so I know what kind of ideas I should give about contributes. Also is there a specific amount of users who have to contribute so it shows up? I think improving the contribution feature would improve the quality of the app.

Thank you for reading.


Exactly what I said but now I hope since u are mod that this will get more attention. :grin:



What happens when someone reports is that it goes through an algorithm (Bit too tech for me to properly understand) and that will determine whether it’s false or not. We base all users on a reputation, the higher the reputation, the more likely it is shown on the app. For a standard user the reputation isn’t too high, so there will have to be a lot of people reporting the same event for it to show on the app, and the algorithm can’t determine if it is correct if there is only one person reporting it, as it determines it being unreliable.

We are however looking into a system where reputation is heightened or lowered depending on how correct the reports are, meaning that you would be more likely for your report to be shown on the app. So in theory you can raise your reputation high enough so that you can report anything and it will show.

I hope this clears everything up!


Alright, that helped a lot. Does the reputation increase when you contribute something but it’s not shown in the app even if the contribution is correct? Also does that mean that after high reputation you can contribute whole line-ups and players for the line-up so they’ll be shown in the app?


Yep! All correct! Once your rep is high enough you can report everything and it will show.


We have manually updated your reputation for lineups so you can report them and they will show :slight_smile:


what about the fake contributions??
and the refreshing doesnt work I see someone go from 800 to 2.3k in like 1 second everytime when i do contributions


Do you, or can you get an example of this?


On top of giving Allu that, could you potentially give him and/or moderators the ability to refute goals? It’s not very often but there are times when there are fake goals and if there’s moderators on it instantly they’d be removed more quickly.


Not just goals too, in a recent game 2 fake red cards were contributed.


And that, and like the sub in the Brighton/Liverpool game.


In the juve, Milan chat there was a red card and several subs that weren’t added which is another reason why I think this is a good idea.


Another reason why mods should be able to contribute and it go through… Southampton and Derby’s pens haven’t been added nor has FT