Introductions - Say Hello!



This is the topic for introducing yoursself to the CrowdScores forum.

You might want to let people know, your username on CrowdScores (if it’s different), the team you support and where you’re from as part of your introduction.


Hello everyone!

Great to be here.


Hello Everyone. This is Neonstar Yess Neonstar I have been here in Crowdscores since 2015.


Hello Everyone I’m Albion4Ever


Hello there guys! Most of you probably know me.


Hey everyone! I’m Allu on CrowdScores.


Hey everyone! I’m Lacabludclatzete! It’s great to be here and a part of this lovely community!


Oi hello lads
Who else is on here?


Hello everyone, I’m KSMRedDevils20 from the crowdscores community


Am I banned on Crowdscores Sarge?


@Lacabludclatzete Nope, why did you ask?




Really? I would never have known?


Yeah I might have been Jamie for all you known and pretending to be DAT1DUNDALKFAN


Hello ! I am Solferow


Hello! I’m @xTS2 I get banned for CrowdScores.