iOS Beta Testing - New Matchlist


New Matchlist

We are currently making changes to how the main matchlist works on the app and would like iOS users to help us test it.

The new matchlist displays matches from competitions and teams you follow at the top, making it easy to get the scores you’re interested in. We’ve also made a switch to turn on live matches along with numerous performance improvements. As this is the most used screen on the app we would love to get your feedback!

If you are already a member of the CrowdScores Testflight group then in the next few days you will receive a email or notification about testing the new matchlist by the end of the week. If you are not a member, and would like to be added then please send an email to letting us know you want to be added.

Android users have no need to worry, we’ll be rolling out a new matchlist on the platform in upcoming weeks.


Nice Likes don’t bug anymore :smile::+1:t2:


Something new coming to android? :eyes::eyes:


In a couple of weeks there will be the new matchlist coming to Android soon! Woohoo!


Finallyyyy! Sounds great!


Has anyone had the chance to download the Beta version of the matchlist?

If so, what do you think?


App updating as we speak, got high hopes! Will let you know what I think!


Quite like it, looks pretty smooth. Subtle changes but good changes! Nice work!


:raised_hands: Great to hear! Let us know if you have anymore feedback.


Glad I’m moving to ios :joy::joy:


The update is great! However, I still can’t see when I like comments, as they go red but then go into the grey colour like when another person likes it but I know it’s me who liked it.


We’re working on fixing that next week!


That’s great :smiley: