iOS Release v4.2.2


At the end of last week, we rolled out our latest update (v. 4.2.2) of CrowdScores on iOS.

The key features of this update include:

  1. A new league table design

  2. Several bug fixes, including the ability to order your favourite competitions

As always, let us know what you think and/or any questions that you have.


Hi Soph!

I love the new table layout on iOS, but there is a few bugs in regards to this new release.

The first bug is the new table design only being shown in the match page. It doesn’t show the new table design on the league pages.

The second bug is, whenever I try and see the standings on the MLS match pages, the app crashes. It’s really inconvenient especially for an MLS fanatic like myself.

Nonetheless, the league tables look great, but they’d be better if these bugs could get fixed.

Many thanks,



Thank you for the feedback on the new release.

Glad you like the new table layout. I shall pass the bugs you are finding on to the team and we will look to get them fixed.

Thanks for your feedback :smile:



Anytime. I’ll leave a response here to follow any developments on the matter.

Thanks again !


I have just checked with the team.

The next release will expand the league tables to the other pages. The development had to be phased.

The second issue with the MLS crash should be fixed but if you have any more problems, just let us know.


the table is still crashing for me :disappointed:


Sorry to hear that. I will see what we can do to fix it.


@dohake You should have just received a notification from Testflight with a new version of the app that’ll stop this crash.


Hi Sarge, for some reason my TestFlight app is asking me for a redeem code :confused:


Can you view your comment count in the update?


@Everton_Forever We’re working on it now. If all goes to planned we’ll release it in 2 weeks time.