#KeepCrowdScoresGreat - March 2018


I hereby announce my candidacy for CrowdScores president in the March elections under the banner of the esteemed Artisan Party. Let’s Keep CrowdScores Great. I will use my past experience to continue the brilliant work of current president DivockJohnson.

However, don’t let my campaign distract you from the great things Divock has planned for his term. Weekly events are in the works to help engage the CrowdScores community and bring us together again.




Make the Artisan Party proud pal! I know with you at the helm we’ll be able to continue keeping CrowdScores great and continue to improve the community aspect. All my luck to you :bread:

#WaveForThePresident #DoTheWave


“continue the brilliant work of current president DivockJohnson” AHAHAHAHA


Well you certainly aren’t invited to this week’s tea party then…


I’m sure you’ll do the Artisan party proud mate :bread: I wanna be in that position one day :pray:t2:


I hope! #WaveForPresident