Leaving the app - fix crowdscores!


Most reading this probably know me by my username. But not by other things because I wasn’t a popular user.

Anyway, I’ve already said on the app that I’m leaving, few probably saw the comment let alone cared. But I’ll make this post here because I want to get my thoughts heard.

So when I got the app it was great, good and welcoming community, good app preformance and it was well designed. Staff also interacted with us users a lot too.
But then it all went downhill.
At around December 2017, everything started to go wrong, more users joined the app (majority of users I don’t like on the app joined around this time) and commented constantly - and it wasn’t things about FOOTBALL or FIFA. It was stupid things that were totally unrelated to football and the match. I made a big long comment about this but got lots of hate for it. Also at this time most of the users I liked left. Leaving me only a few users I knew I could talk to. And also, I detected some discrimination on the app. I saw a comment by an English user saying:
“Turks are ******* ******** and should go to hell because they are terrorists”
A turkish user said sort of the same thing, but about English people, and guess what happened.
The Turkish user’s comment got removed quickly, which was good.
But the English user’s comment stayed, no matter how much I reported it. It did get removed eventually (about a month later)

Why were both comments not removed quickly? I’m sure what was going on there was obvious.

So then everyone fought with the Turkish, I saw many comments (by both sides!) that were very rude. But the staff decided to go into hiding! And what a great time to do so.

So these comments remained on the app until the staff (sort of) came back and removed them.
After this, there seemed to be a rule that non-english speakera were forbidden in the premier league chats. I saw people commenting in French who recieved lots of hate because they weren’t speaking English in an ‘English only’ chat. And isn’t football meant to unite us?
So after all this, things were OK for a while, but then the update came, and I think a lot of people will agree with me here - the update was awul!

Bad UI, constant lag, couldn’t view profiles, couldn’t view comment replies, ordering the favourites section was a mess. We were promised multiple times fixes, and were never given any major ones.

The app has been dull for me since all this drama. Lots of users left as well.
And it’s obvious the app has gone downhill.
Before December 2017 - The app had a 5 star raiting on the app store.
Now - It’s 3 and a half, and the most recent reviews are all 1-3 stars (including mine, which was previously 5)

The staff don’t do a great job anymore, and the community SUCKS. Of course there are great users on the app, but a lot of them have left.

And nowdays a lot of the comments aren’t football related or to the match. I don’t mind this when it’s not on a live match, but If I couldn’t watch a match on TV. The comments wouldn’t tell me who’s playing better (like they used to).
As I said, I don’t mind it when it’s not on a live match, but when a match is live, the comments get annoying when it’s basically a chat room.

These are my thoughts, I also welcome any other users opinions, staff too.

Some users may hate me after this, this is what I have been feeling for the past few months on crowdscores, and I’ve let my opinion out.

I might reply to the responses I get, but when this post dies down. I will have left the crowdscores app for good. But maybe one day, if the app gets better, I may return. I might also comment on the fourm from time to time

Please leave opinions below.


I personally understand why you’re leaving. After the huge amount of new users the app has got more into non-football app. I’d say 80% of comments are non football related. I can’t say I don’t speak non football related stuff. But for example when Bayern is playing I comment when there is good chance or something that is related to the game. Also the users have started to farm comments that I don’t personally like. Neverthless sorry to hear you’re leaving. But I hope you follow these forums in the future when and I’m 100% sure that the app will be improved so you know the app is what is used to be and you’d enjoy it again. Goodbye and hopefully we see again.


Hi mate, we are sorry that you feel this way about CrowdScores and have taken the decision to leave the app. I would like to take the time to respond to your post.

As you are aware, towards the end of 2017 we had a huge number of users download the app from around the world which put a lot of pressure on our team. We did all we could to keep the community friendly and ensure that comments met the community guidelines. Unfortunately, as a result of the sheer number of comments generated by these new users, at times we were unable to cope. In recent months we’ve worked hard to improve this by creating the community, introducing new staff/moderators and developing our system for managing comments.

Earlier this year we introduced a new version of the iOS app, there were numerous reasons for us deciding to do this. Firstly, our old design wasn’t scaleable which made it very difficult for us to add new features to it. The design did not meet iOS human interface guidelines which meant that it was not what would be expected for an iOS app. For example, we used a menu bar rather than bottom navigation. Finally, we did not think the UI of the old version met our design standards as a company, from icons to layout, we thought there was major room for improvement.

We released this version when we thought it was ready but we encountered a number of bugs soon after release which took us a while to fix. I think we are now in a position to say that the app is now more stable and reliable than ever and we have a lot of exciting features that we are now able to add to the iOS app in the future.

We are aware of how frustrating it can be for users when the comment section of the app isn’t actually about the match and are looking for ways to reduce this happening. In the meantime, we’re sure that the World Cup will get people more engaged in the football side of the community.

I hope this helps to explain some of the points you have raised.

If you have any suggestions of how we can improve the app in the future then please get in contact as we take all feedback onboard.


@jm863 Hi mate, I’m not a mod or a staff member, I’m a regular Crowdscores user like you, I understand why you’re leaving and what is going on. I was one of those people who would make the chat a bit twisted. Sometimes I would not talk about football at all, but I’ve changed and in the past few days there was some changes. We all work together as a family. The President of the app and the staff members are working hard to make the app better and now that the app have moderators, it will be more of a football app because people who spams alot will be dealt with and this community can be the same as it was before. Staff members created a World Cup Prediction League and also a Fantasy League and this is a good idea because more people will participate and it will bring the community close together and I hope you join too. I hope to see you again.


@jm863 sorry to hear that you’ve come to this decision. Over the past few days and weeks the app has become more about football and today obviously with the World Cup starting Russia beat Saudi Arabia 5-0 and it was the most football related chat I’ve ever seen in my nearly two years of being here. Hoping that you read this and one day if you feel like it join back. Whether it be a month, one year, two years, five years or even ten years from now I’m sure we will remember who you are


Why you’re leaving? And Turks not terrorist.


I explained why I left in the post.
Also, I was quoting someone who said Turks are terrorists. I don’t think Turks are terrorists!


@jm863 Woah! Thank you, I’m Turkish and everyone racist. Expect some of the them. :bowing_man:‍♂️:wave: