May 2018 Election Results


BantoineGriezmann (E) — 47%
DivockJohnson (A) - 37%
Jamie_Vardy (U) — 16%

Should presidential term limits be abolished?
Yes — 30%
No — 70%

Demographics: 73% of voters were from Europe, 21% from North America, 3% from South America, and 3% from Oceania. 35% joined CS in 2017. Another 31% joined in 2016, with 14% each coming from 2018ers and 2015ers. 6% of voters joined in 2014 or earlier.

Fun Facts:
BantoineGriezmann is the first person elected president from Yanited’s CS European Party.
DivockJohnson and Jamie_Vardy now have the most election losses in history, with 7 and 6 respectively.


In my final address to you before I retire from presidential politics, I would like to congratulate Bantoine on his victory and I wish him the best as he serves this app. I would also like to thank you all for electing me president an incredible six times.

I also want to address some concerns people have. I do not believe the elections are a direct cause of arguments and toxicity, and any election-related back-and-forth between candidates is just banter. As Head of Congress DivockJohnson said, the purpose of the elections is so the people’s voices can be heard. Elections should not cause any genuine fights because… it’s really not that deep.

Thank y’all for letting me be your president, good luck to President Bantoine, and let’s keep making CrowdScores an awesome community!


Congrats to a deserved winner in Bantoine, he deserved it for his commitment to the app and I am proud it was him to break the Artisan streak. I know he will do great.



Congratulations Bantoine :clap:


:tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada: Congratulations!


Congrats to Bantoine.