Moderators Announcement


Hi all,

Many thanks for the applications, it is now closed and we would like to congratulate the following users who have become moderators:

  • Citeh1984

  • NeymarOFF

  • Argentina_Benz

  • AlwaysABlue

Once again, there will be another opportunity to become a moderator later on in the season as more users join in the app, so keep your eyes peeled for another announcement! :tada:


Thanks for selecting me and giving me a fantastic opportunity in the community! Also congratulations to all new mods!


Thank you so much for giving me the role, I really appreciate it!


Congrats to you all :sunglasses::clap:


is it only me that thinks moderators should definitely not be those accounts with large numbers of comments. you’re giving users powers to delete comments without reason, nobody can argue with these deletes. not the smartest giving it people who comment 100 times a day inevitably getting into an argument where one person has the power to just delete all your comments from my knowledge they just flag it and don’t have to give a reason.


then you’ve got the problem of reporting a mod have you even written a rule book about what would constitute a mod being removed. this all seems shallow and you’re just waiting for the problems to arise. this is obviously from an outside perspective.


The thing with community moderators is that we aren’t going to get into arguments - because our job is to stop these arguments, not to ignite them.


if you comment 100 times a day then you’re definitely going to have at least 1 comment ignite an argument. to avoid an argument i think you’d have to not comment or comment without any opinions in your comments.


As Moderators, we also have rules and I always try to keep the chat clean from spammers or racist comments. We don’t just delete comments as we feel like, If there’s a comments that breaks the rules then we take actions.


I understand what you’re saying about accounts with large number of comments but I think it’s also based on how well you know the app.


Yeah that’s a very good point @Mercedes_Benz


that’s the whole point what if someone does and there’s no way of knowing


Alright, so basically when you or us Mods report a comment, Staff would be able to see that comment that we report. That’s why we don’t just delete a comment. Our screens are not actually different from a regular user’s screen, No worries. If the staff members see the comments that we delete and there’s nothing wrong with that comment, they would make it visible back again. So if Mods are being to harsh, then the staff members will take actions. Hope this helps.


i know what the moderators see i wouldn’t know you could delete comments if i didn’t. this just gives you the problem of what’s the point of moderators if it’ll end up in what the reporting system does already. deleting a comment for an hour and then bringing it back isn’t good is it, loses total relevance maybe the person was asking a question.


Mods were selected to help the community when staff members are not around.
As I stated in my earlier reply, that’s why we don’t just delete a comment. I don’t think a mod would be silly enough to delete a simple comment because he/she knows the consequences of repeatedly deleting comments that are clean.


@Patriot Yeah I’m gonna side with Benz on this one. When we were accepted for mod, we received an email in kind of dos and don’ts of being a mod. Staff see the comments we’ve hidden, and we know that we could very easily be stripped of mod status if we hide a comment because we don’t like it or the person is a fan of another team. We have rules to abide by and we abide by those rules. Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Someone who is moderator only has 2000 comments. Amount of comments shows devotion to the app and also shows you are able to be there at all times.


Moderators were selected for various reasons, the amount of comments someone has written is not one of them. The main reason was to choose people that devoted a lot of time to the app to make it a better place, plus to engage people within the comments section. With this reason, it is no surprise that the people chosen would have a high comment count.


i never said they weren’t devoted or argue why they were chosen. it was all about the amount of comments a day would lead to them being involved in arguments and having complete power to just silence the other person.


to make it a better place. half of the moderators have been banned multiple times that shows the opposite. it’s the interactions you have with people i’m highlighting to the arguments that will take place no ifs about it, i really don’t care about why moderators were chosen if i was i would apply.