Moderators Announcement


All the moderators currently have not argued on the app at all, and if they have, it’s been when other people have created drama.


Staff can see what has been hidden and we can unhide them if necessary.

The moderators have been doing a great job and there have been no issues so far.


So that begs the question how many incorrect comments that are hidden will you tolerate or do you not know which moderator hid the comment. You can’t really have issues when there isn’t something to hold a moderator to and report. Community guidelines are alright but would assume the rules should be stricter for moderators.


They have been sent Moderator guidelines and the community guidelines when first starting out, and this will be adhered to at all times.


be a great idea to put those moderator guidelines on the same page as the community guidelines


Yes we do have stricter rules as moderators and we all follow them.


I see you’re still on the topic about mods hiding incorrect comment. As Joe said, they would see every comment hidden by mods and I’m pretty sure that if we hid incorrect comments, we would’ve been sent a warning or the badge would’ve been taken away from us by now.


The rules and consequences need to written down and available for all to see.


Moderators strictly have been given guidelines sent specifically to them. They are not guidelines for the community in general, therefore I don’t see any problem here.


the community report the moderators hence why it is a problem


I think it’s a good idea adding the rules for mods too because a user can report a mod if they break any of the rules. It’s up to the staff members to decide whether they should add it or not, but for me, I think it’s a good idea :+1:


We feel the community guidelines being sent out is enough. We don’t feel that sending out the moderator guidelines to everyone would be beneficial at all as it is only for the for the attention of the moderators. Their job is to make sure everyone abides by the community guidelines. If there are any complaints needed to be made about the moderators, they can be sent to


I think you’re overthinking this. Staff see every single comment we post and every single comment we hide so if we break the guidelines for mods that were given to us - the staff know and would strip us of our title just like that - even without anyone reporting the mod.


slightly racist. the account clearly isn’t him but the guy that he’s dedicated to is half indian half irish apparently. born in england so english. really isn’t a nice reply as a mod


I can see why you’re reporting that, it’s not a necessarily nice comment, but I do have to ask, why does it seem like you are determined to try and change Joe and the other staff members’ minds about the moderators that have been selected? Then again, this is just my viewpoint of this debate.


loool it’s reporting a comment you just went on about abiding by stricter rules now i show you something that someone would possibly be banned for and you question my motive. it’s just reporting someone who happens to be a moderator.
do you have a problem with someone who’ll happily report you? isn’t this what you want the good users as moderators not a moderator who comments that hmm.


@Patriot I don’t understand what your problem is with the new moderators. Ever since the moderators were selected, you’ve started having a go at them and trying to change the staff members minds with all you opinions that you posted on here that will in no way improve the app. It looks like you’re waiting for the perfect moment for a mod to mess up so you can report them and it looks like you’re trying to demotivate people on the app especially the moderators. I’m not trying to be rude, I’m just stating what I think about you. I’m not saying that reporting that moderator is a bad thing, I would’ve done the same if I noticed it and I understand why you reported it.


I’m saying what @Mercedes_Benz is saying, sorry if it wasn’t clear enough.


they are unrelated things. i just reported it here because i’ve had emails to crowdscores that have been ignored and i know they’ve ignored one person for about 2 months on email. so it forces them to do something here.
tbf i’m doing nothing different on the app you’re just interpreting what i do differently. it’s literally proven my point though this was bound to happen like i said and now it has. deal with it


Oh yes definitely I would’ve dealt with it if I was a staff.