Moderators Announcement


Fair enough, I understand what you’re getting at


if i posted that would’ve been banned by now just saying


Don’t think staff work on weekends, yea I agree, they should take actions


I agree with @Mercedes_Benz, staff should - and hopefully will - take action when this happens - especially as it’s a moderator posting this message and we as moderators are meant to set an example for other users. @Patriot


Hi all,

Sorry we have been a little bit stretched this last week so our coverage at the weekend wasn’t as complete as normal. We will be going through all the comments at the weekend and taking action where we deem it necessary.

Certain comments were flagged to my attention and Joe and I will be discussing our response asap.

Thank you for all your help over the weekend and for flagging this to our attention.



Can I ask what email you have been sending things to?


info@crowdscores something like that it was a while ago so this may not be the email anymore but it was the main one to email when that stuff happened.


one quick question i got a reply and i’m quoting it “are you muslim?” then it seems it’s been deleted. just want to ask how that’s worthy of being removed? it’s a genuine question


Because the user was banned for going against the community guidelines on the app, once removed all his comments will get removed too.


why was his other reply still there then


His latest comments would be deleted


he replied the question and then “i am too”. why was the question only deleted then if all of his recent comments were deleted


Not sure. I said that the most recent would be deleted because that’s what I’ve noticed a few times. However, Joe said all would be deleted, Idk how it works.


Where it exactly did you see this? Send me a screenshot and we will take it from there. All his comments should not be showing.




seems i was right. might wanna apologise to dan for allowing him to get bullied by the whole comment section


pal it ain’t bullying, he was the one that said he wanted wolves players to die


Think you’ll find it is mate


Also I personally feel that over the last few weeks I have wrongfully been banned on 4 accounts all because of you lot


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