Moderators deleting comments?


Hello, I’ve been on crowdscores over a year and a half and I liked the idea of moderators, but some of them don’t even know what they’re doing. In the manchester city vs liverpool game there was alot of fighting in the comments and the useless comments got deleted. I know we want to keep the chat football related some times add a little joke here and there, but when they delete comments that has nothing to do with breaking the rules is getting annoying. Some of my top comments got deleted one of them said
“Rip the city fans that got a heartattack of that nice clearance” I was talking about the goal line clearance that almost gave liverpool the lead and it got deleted for no reason at all.
Deleting comments should be remade or new moderators. I know they try their best but some act like they do but do nothing. This is all my own opinion someone might disagree with this, but if you have the power to delete comments please delete: offensive comments, threats, bullying, a huge beef, and spam but not some of mine comments


Hey Luis. Sorry you feel this way, unfortunately I wasn’t there so I don’t know the specifics but I understand your frustration. I don’t see any problem with that comment. Most moderators are excellent at their job, and I don’t think any need to be added. Which moderators may have deleted your comment?


Hi there.

As a moderator who was in the chat last night, I can assure you that I wasn’t the mod who deleted your stated comment.
The other 2 mods online were @dohake and @Allu, so I recommend you contact them.
I see nothing wrong with the stated comment, so I am unsure as to why it was removed.

Have a nice day!



There chat was crazy yesterday but I can assure I wasn’t deleting those comments.



The comment may have been removed unintentionally. In big games, the chat moves quickly and if the mods have attempted to remove a comment and the chat has passed it by, then a different comment will most likely be removed.

Hope this helped!


Still, the whole chat was against mods for a reason


Myself and all the other moderators in the chat were just doing our jobs. We understand that some of the comments that were hidden were unjustly removed, and have acknowledged possible reasons why this could have occurred. I personally believe that there was minimal need to attack the moderators on the night and the situation could’ve been handled more maturely by both parties.

Either way, the night is over now, and rather than dwelling on past occurrences, we should look to see how we can help rebuild this community in the future.


And when one of u said that I had to stop complaining while I was talking about a fight that happened in one of the chats
2 mods saw it and thought I was complaining again
This moderator thing has to be taken seriously or we will have comments deleted for no reason because u hate that person
But yeah I don’t want to hate on you guys since We are a huge family but please this whole thing is in ur hands


I can assure you that none of the mods hold a strong dislike or grudge against anyone on the app.
Just remember, if you post a comment, make sure people won’t take it the wrong way. Unfortunately, there are people in the world who get easily offended, and you need to watch what you say at times.


Hey Luis. I promise you there’s no problem between us and basically I just want the chats to be great, so from now I’m just going to remove the most severe comments where the user needs to be banned or they are offensive. As I wasn’t there last night I don’t know all that happened but I definitely don’t hold any grudge on you or anyone else, we’re a family here like you said.


New moderators should be needed because if theres almost no mods in a huge game then what?
Whe have like over 10 premiere league mods?
I’m almost on everyday and I can see alot of beef happening and mods are just having conversations.


Allu and dohake were there last night. I don’t know why all this beef happened but I wasn’t there so you’ll have to ask another moderator.


I am always there, some comments are automatically hidden when certain words come up, or if too many emojis are used in a small worded comments.

The moderators are doing a fantastic job and all staff at CrowdScores agree too.

All the bugs you have been reporting are being looked into to and fixed.

Arguments will always happen as people are passionate about football.

I am extremely lenient on bans until it is necessary but if you want me to ban everyone who has an argument I don’t mind, but that’s up to you.

Hope that clears everything up.


@joeb92 I didn’t spam emojis and I didn’t use hidden words
Heartattack is not a swear word


I don’t think they are doing a great job since the chat 4 days ago was just about ranting


If you have an issue with any specific moderators, I recommend you contact them either on here or on Discord to ‘squash the beef’ between you and the moderator/moderators in question.


There is no beef its just annoying


If they did their best why do I see some mods bullying people
For example InSane saying stuff about dan he is a mod and he should teach us a few things not we teach him


He actually had his moderator rights taken away for it temporarily, he respected it and kept away from the app. He has learnt his lesson, got reinstated and we have all move on from it.


if you are talking about

then that’s okay but people still giving dan unwanted attention
Dan said to me personally that he is having mental problems because of all this attention and no one is helping if one of my mates were mods this would all stop now
He doesn’t need to get unbanned and for him to ignore it is not easy he gets all the pictures send to him trough discord and messages
This is happening for months and only me and the people in discord notice ![image|281x499](upload://ekJc2wxciZewaD1ldoFVPfXJSfa.jpeg
Ive said something about dan on cs he responded mad at me
And then I realise why no one is helping
The dan situation was 1 example there are many more