Moderators deleting comments?


I can’t stop anyone talking about Dan or sending messages to discord. If people want to talk to him than they can message him on discord.


One of our mods said ignore the messages and the app
Really doesn’t sound easy since people keep talking about him and sending them pictures u can’t tell someone to never look at their messages
And that was one of the many examples
Sorry if I’m sounding angry I’m not


You say people should stop talking about Dan, yet it’s you and others that want to pressure staff into getting him unbanned and keep sending him screenshots. Also I don’t know how I’m involved, I’ve learnt from that screenshot and never said anything since whilst you’re making chants about him, so I don’t understand.




Stg i just said he texted me and Ive changed my perspective into things


In the second pic he tried to get me banned
First pic i didnt knew he got banned