New Moderators!


Premier League is back in 3 weeks! This means we will be looking to bring more moderators on board due to the success of the first batch moderators. So to help improve the community we would like more of you to help out!

As a moderator, all you will be required to do is ensure that users are obeying the community guidelines whilst you are chatting on CrowdScores.

Moderators will have a badge next to their picture and displayed on their profile.

If you are interested in becoming a moderator then please email your answers to the following questions to

What is your CrowdScores username?

Which languages do you speak?

What competition do you predominantly follow?

How many games to you contribute to on average weekly?

Why do you want to become a moderator for CrowdScores?

Why would you be good for the position?


My CrowdScores username is Citeh1894. I speak predominantly English, however know alot of Spanish and I am studying it at A Level. I follow the premier league predominantly due to my support of Man City, and have a lot of knowledge on it. On average I try to contribute as much as I can as I feel it benefits the users, which is the MOST important thing. I would like to become a CrowdScores moderator as since joining in January 2018 I have been very motivated on the app, have 26,000+ comments, and I honestly feel that this app can do very well in the future. I feel I would fulfil this role very well as I communicate with fellow users very well, which is important. Over the 6 months I’ve been on the app, I’ve seen all the different personalities of people and have made good relations to every user. On average I check the app 10-15 times a day. With access to all sport channels, I would also be able to commentate on PL matches that are televised to benefit other users. I’ve got great relationships with Allu and dohake who are already moderators. After being declined in the last moderator selections, I am more determined than ever to show to the hard working staff that I am the right person to help take the app forward along with the other moderators. Thank you so much for taking your time to read this, and It would be an honour to help serve this unique, brilliant community.


My CrowdScores account get banned. I know Turkish and little English. I follow all league. I’m 17 years old. I’m from Turkiye. I support Fenerbahçe, Real Madrid and Manchester United. My favorite application is CrowdScores. My ban accounts: @KRAL_ :point_right: 8,445k and @xTS2. I’m happy if you help me. I joined the practice 5 months ago. Users I like in practice: @Allu, @Mercedes_Benz, @InSane, @Albion4Ever and @dohake. I want to help our society. I do not want the application to be bad. I hope it becomes a moderator and I can be a part of the community. Thank you for listening to me. See you! :wave::wave:


I can be in the app for 4-5 hours. I want to be a moderator because I want to help you and everyone. I don’t like profanity and bad words. :slight_smile:


My CrowdScores username is ChristianPulisic. I speak Spanish,English,and little Italian. I would mostly likely be in competition such as La Liga,Ligue 1, Premier League,Friendlies,Concacaf,etc…
I would contribute 15 to 25 games atleast depends if i watch games on live but i can try my best in doing what i could do.
I wanna become a moderator to help the community that needs help in being involved or situations and contributing games. I do not post in chat badwords or negativiy or anything that has to do with this.
In my opinion i think i would be a good fit for the position because if anybody have to do deal with anything that has to do with disrespect or more i would handle it. I am active to 3 hours to 5 hours. I support teams like Dortmund, Arsenal, and

                        CrowdScorer Fan - ChristianPulisic 

Shoutout to dohake,benz,insane,and kral and more even you joe :slight_smile:


I know the difference between your and you’re.


I fought off a battalion of toddlers on my own if that doesn’t qualify me for cs mod i don’t know what does n


My Crowdscores username is Barnes. I’m a West Brom fan but I do follow the Premier League regardless of whether Albion are in it or not. The languages I speak are English, French, Italian and have started to learn German. I predominantly follow the Premier League as I watch the live games and keep up to date with the 3pm games. I contribute to 10 to 20 games a week. The reason I want to become a moderator is because I have a passion for the app and have made many great bonds on the app and respect everyone and I’m always determined to help make the app the best it can be. I would be good for the position because i make many bonds with fans from across the world and I don’t condone any sort of wrongdoing and would be able to tell the difference between banter and taking it to far.
Thanks for taking time out your day to read this application - Barnes - WBA fan


I was born in Carlisle but I was made in the Royal Navy


Are applications closed or is there I chance I could still apply? I haven’t prior to this as I’ve been away and haven’t had much spare time.


Very hard mate. Wait😭


Bonjour. Mon nom d’utilisateur est Baunalo. Je parle Français, mais aussi Anglais. Je suis principalement la Liga, Premier League, et la Ligue 1. Mais aussi un peu de Bundesliga, le championnat que je regarde le moins est la Série À Italienne. J’essaye de contribuer à un maximum de matchs. J’aimerais devenir modérateur pour aider l’application à mieux se porter. Je saurais dénicher les embrouilles avec le plus d’insultes et je me pense capable de faire ce job tout en continuant à communiquer avec les autres utilisateurs. À titre indicatif, à l’heure actuelle, je possède 5,2K de commentaires, 223 Rapports et 3,2K Likes. Merci de votre aide


A moderator is meant to STOP problems or arguments occurring on the app and aren’t meant to get themselves dragged into it.
So I would like to report a moderator:
Insane (Citeh94) whatever his name is was being racist about our club calling us “found in china” and was also CREATING the problem. He was also being a hypocrite and if you go off history on the app, like you should, then you’ll realise Insané being appointed as a moderator was a disaster waiting to happen so if you can please discipline him in the right way that would make me very thankful as I don’t want this app brought into disrepute and he has just gone against the laws of being a moderator
Thanks for reading


Which chat was this in out of interest?



I went back on his comments and it doesn’t seem like he was being racist. It was more to do with rich foreign owners. I’ll handle the arguments in due course.