Propose New Ideas


Rather than creating a new category for every idea you come up with, you can recommend some general ideas here! :grin:


I personally think that users should be encouraged to commentate more in comments sections rather than just saying ‘Come on ______’ every few minutes.
Maybe users should be encouraged to create multiple accounts, one for commentating and one for supporting your team, although that may be a bit of a stretch.
It’s just a suggestion but tell me what you think! :grin::+1:t2:


Pictures and videos from your phone (within reason of course) like If a really cool chant gets sung on the concourse and you want to film it for the app.


@Everton_Forever We do want to encourage commentating in the comments rather than supporting comments, we’ve always thought that upvoting of comments might help with this.

In general, we’re against users having multiple accounts as they tend to use them to try and cause trouble.


@Albion This is something we’re keen to introduce but need to find a way to moderate it effectively.


Understandable I suppose


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Would be cool if when you click on a match there were a tab saying tv channels that it can be watched on :tv:


@nmag2018 Good suggestion, it’s something we’d love to do in the future.


staff, I saw this on Twitter, if possible can you add it to Crowdscores?


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Is it possible to add dark layout mode to CrowdScores? Because the white layout isn’t the best when I’m using the app on night in dark.


@Allu This is something that we would like to do in the future but it is not in our current plans. In the meantime, perhaps you could try using your phones night mode setting in the meantime?


ClassyStrikers on CS here. I think that if possible, having background information on clubs would be really cool. Like saying managers, and having best finishes and a little bit of history.


I couldn’t find a CS problems section, but goals scored in the 1st minute always say they’ve been scored in the 46th minute. I know it’s only minor but I thought I would just notify you. @sarge


@Palace4Life We’re aware of this. The problem is caused by us creating the goal before the kick-off event. Hopefully will be resolved soon.


Would having background information be too difficult?


@Palace4Life Nope, it is something that we could (and would like to) do but it isn’t in our current backlog. In the near future we want to really elaborate on our team pages and profiles.


Cool. Hope to see it soon!


This would be the ideal CrowdScores
-Stats shown for each match
-Background information on most clubs
-Licensing for Premier League; other big leagues
-Able to tell exact comments and likes, as well as contribution
-Badges at certain comment counts