Propose New Ideas


If you could include highlights for every Premier League that’d also be awesome! This is great for me as I like to watch them soon after matches finish


I understand that all of this is difficult but one at a time would be good.


How about you guys make the Like​ button a bit similar to facebook’s like button where there are the smiling face and angry face etc. I’m not trying to say that you should copy Facebook but I just wanna know if you guys are thinking about this.



Thanks for all your suggestions, they’re all things that we’d love to have in the app in the future. We are working on new profile pages that will display the user statistics you have mentioned. Soon after we hope to include badges/awards when users hit landmarks.

We are looking into the legalities of displaying more badges in time for the new season.

We aren’t able to display any Premier League highlights currently, if a broadcaster makes them available on a platform like YouTube then it would be possible.



Thanks for your suggestion. That is something that was have considered along with ‘upvoting’ and ‘downvoting’ in a similar way to Reddit but we’ve not made a decision on this yet.


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@sarge Thanks! That is great!


I have another idea:
How about you guys highlight the cs username when we are using the @ sign?
Example: @Mercedes_Benz
How about you guys make it highlighted?


I think match statistics at the end of a game would be a great addition, as well as videos of post match or pre match press conferences before and after games. News articles on a team page would be nice to see as well. Just a few suggestions😀


Another great addition would voting for Man of the match award at the end of a game. Maybe after full time, there’s a poll held in the lineups tab that lets us choose who the best player is.


A great idea would be adding a History Section where users can see their own comments history. If a user got banned, they can atleast check their comments history to see what they did wrong instead of reading through the entire chat searching for all their comments. I think this would be a great addition, I think when we are sorting comments by likes or replies, the option “History” should be right there so we can select it.


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