Report page for banning


Not quite sure what is wrong with this


Okay they call me plastic bcs I was supporting 2 clubs or something like that
So i explained why and they still trying to take the mickey


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Hey, i explained a million times why i wanted liverpool to win the league but ur just not smart enough to understand that liverpool and dortmund are friend clubs theres videos that explain it
And u tried to start beef with me but i didnt do anything bcs i joined in i will get banned
And u also kept spamming the chat
Everyone asked u to stop talking about leeds
And this was ur response
“Okay okay guys i know you are jealous of leeds”
Something close to that
And then u said “im trying to stop the beef”
You didnt do anything to stop the beef u just made it worse so if i were you i would just shut up


I’ve got to admit this recent Leeds stuff all over the app is becoming annoying. They’re all becoming increasingly vigorous and they’re really not doing any good for the app. I wouldn’t say a ban is appropriate right now, but if this happens in one more chat there has to be. I’m tired of negativity in the chats and it’s constantly annoying for all other users. I asked Alfie to stop and he still carried on, and on, and on, and on…


And he’s also been banned before for arguing with other users.



The guy made a lot of spam comment.


And in Kayserispor vs. Fenerbahçe match, there is a user called “KONS2NTR2SYON” the guy created problem.


he was also the same person who told a referee to die from cholera in February 2017 when Leicester were 3-0 down at home to Man United. In April 2018, he was dangerous and gave everyone a death threat. After that i was sure that he shouldn’t be allowed back




This person was advertising themselves without staff permission. Can something be done about this?


he has also done this


I removed those comments, and haven’t see him since so I think staff have already banned him.


that Looserpool6969 is spamming useless messages. He is trolling people and going at some people. Overall making the chats more negative with his trolling.


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Ill give u 10 bucks if u delete this lol


Please ban “JawdatMZ” He said on Turkish “Do you have dick or brain?”



Can you ban @WormsElite please, He keeps on referring to terrorism, including those in Paris