Report page for banning



Paula_xx being disrespectful



@sarge This user was saying that another user called “InSane” was attention seeking for something that happened in InSane’s life … but the thing that this user said was attention seeking was that InSane told a user (IceColdSoul) that he would kill himself


@sarge Found these comments :grimacing:


@Everton_Forever We’ll look into it. Thanks.


@BigManOwen is annoying because he is angry. @sarge


Staff, can you ban James_Maddison for saying “if your army didn’t blitz us the ira wouldn’t be a thing”
As a brummie, the brum bombing is very close to my heart and I get offended about it when Irish people say that


“Fuck you NeymarOFF”
Is it possible to do something for him?


How could he neymarOFF is a nice lad


Please will look Burton vs. Wba chat, there is a user called “BIGDICKDARREN” his name is very annoyed and immoral


Thank you so much my friend ! @OneBiteIsNotBad


Hi, he will be banned :slight_smile:


Okay, Thank you so much ! :slightly_smiling_face:@joeb92



In Turkish League, Ersun_Yanal make most replied comment in Fenerbahçe chat. Can you look that staff?


This was on the Arsenal v Cardiff chat (29/01/19). Very disrespectful considering the current situation involving Sala.



deserves a ban. not just account ban but ip ban in my opinion @OneBiteIsNotBad


He’s been banned