Report page for banning


that Looserpool6969 is spamming useless messages. He is trolling people and going at some people. Overall making the chats more negative with his trolling.


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Ill give u 10 bucks if u delete this lol


Please ban “JawdatMZ” He said on Turkish “Do you have dick or brain?”



Can you ban @WormsElite please, He keeps on referring to terrorism, including those in Paris


Says the one who said he wanted wolves players to die for no reason, and causing trouble on app in multiple occasions


He received a ban for his actions and then took a few weeks away from the app to reflect on everything he said. He then apologised and has been allowed back, he no longer causes any toxicity. I don’t see a problem with that.


Exactly @sophh


I think that’s fair. Just saying I’ve also learned from my actions. I will not be acting toxic towards anyone unless I feel there’s a valid reason to.


Alfie did u know that liverpool and dortmund are friend clubs
Just a fun fact


Dan spent 4 weeks off, you spent about 4 minutes which I don’t believe is enough time to reflect :woman_shrugging:t2:


Just leave it


Wow cheers for that


@joeb92 a perma ban here is not needed
time out is better



This guy sent a comment on politics.


This was not me!
Stylo probably reported it and thats why I’m banned I only changed my name to torreira bcs he wanted me to do it he literally asked me I can get a pic if u want that and I also changed my name to allu but instead Allu it was AILu with capital i and normal l that was clearly visable bcs the i was smaller then the l
And allu knew i changed it I also said new username
I have read the community guidelines and im 99% i havent broke anything

Btw this is report ban so i report rolls reus


Her profile is annoying


Could you please elaborate?