Report Users Here


This is the place to report anything dodgy that happens on CrowdScores. Like the CRY England kids and that RollingReus lad. All of whom need a ban.


I think his name is Zahir Basin or something like that and he started giving people numbers for sex hotline


Good idea.

I believe all of these comments have been hidden and the users have been either warned or banned.


Thank you Sarge you legend!


IP ban RollingReus / Gunners71 he’s neglecting the chat (Chelsea v Leicester)


Ban FinlayST


Ban this user called AdolfHitler. Horrible name choice


@Everton_Forever they have been banned.

Reporting Glitches and Bugs

Plz timeout this guy called Rovsh for spamming in Barca vs Espanyol


@Neonstar Thanks, the comments have been removed.


@sarge, can you ip ban United727 for spamming. He’s trolling the app, I’ve already sent a report through and he’s threatening everyone on Crowdscores atm. He’s also looking for attention


Can you ban this user named minzaw please? All he/she ever does is post predictions after someone scores, making it seem like someone else has scored. It’s so annoying and it makes it seem like they’re a bit as they never actually post anything other than ‘5:1FT’ or ‘2:2’. It’s REALLY annoying


This person


*bot not bit in my first post


@Everton_Forever I’ll look into this for you now.


Ban FinlayST for spamming Dundee into the English chats


@Everton_ForeverI’ll keep an eye on them.


@sarge can you do something to the people talking about Weller Vs KSI because it’s getting annoying in the Arsenal Vs Everton chat


@sarge please ban BIGDAVE


It’s been done bro, dw