Reporting Glitches and Bugs


This chat is just for if you experience any strange bugs or glitches on the app, for example in the Sweden-Denmark game yesterday the time stayed at 45+172 or some absurd number like that for me.


Ye it was strange , Yeyyey


This was because we didn’t pick up any half-time reports. This is a lot more common in friendlies.


There is 2 accounts I want banned called VincentKompany and Finlay they were spamming the Liverpool Manchester City chat and excessive swearing


Wrong chat Cormac…


@DAT1DUNDALKFAN If you spot users breaking the Community Guidelines you can post in this topic - Report Users Here


Well it never lets you save your changes to your profile on Android even though you click the icon


@Eden_Hazardous We’ll look into this now. What version of the app are you on?


I’m on version 3.1.1


@Eden_Hazardous Thanks. We’re looking into the issue now. Keep an eye out for any updates of the app on Google Play.


The assist on Agüero’s goal in City vs Newcastle has been changed to Sané for some reason. It needs changing back to KDB ASAP it’s rlly annoying me


@Everton_Forever Very good spot. We’ll change this now.


On the Manchester Utd. vs Yeovil match it’s saying that Sánchez got the assist for the first goal when it hit Yeovil player James along the way, so it shouldn’t count as his assist.


the 2nd goal was disallowed @sarge


@sarge on Android some users are experiencing difficulties with the line ups. I’ve been speaking to people on Discord who are all suffering the same problem and there on android. I’m also on Android and experiencing nothing like this


@sarge none of the games have kicked off according to crowdscores



This match ended ages ago staff @staff


“Table” tab is on UCL games…


Also when I scroll through comments it just randomly brings me back to the top