Reporting Glitches and Bugs


When you chose your profile pic I don’t know if it still exists I just got the newest version
And btw when does user of the month get anounced


I had both the version just released and the one before that and never experienced that. It should be gone for you now if you had it.


I don’t know if this only me, or whether it’s because I was on android before iOS but I constantly have 50 notifications and I can’t go any further back than a week ago and they just won’t clear. Is there any way to help resolve this?


notifications have always stopped when it gets to 50 on ios.


I didn’t say that. I said it always shows 50 even after I’ve read them and the number won’t go.


Does it happen on the newest version. We are all slightly confused to what that screen actually is!


I tested it going to a really old pic and it doesn’t happen anymore it only happens to old pics


i think it’s because the notification part only holds 50 replies so let’s say you have 100 replies it can clear the newest 50 but the other 50 doesn’t clear cause you can’t tap on them for them to go (idk how to explain it)


Nah I get what you mean, I thought that too


It is the screen that shows up when you scale your iOS profile pic.



Why does it show only the old matches in the head-to-head “last matches” tab? Like shouldn’t it show their most recent matches? Because for many teams it shows their matches from 2016,2015 etc even though there has been matches in 2018 etc. Are you aware of this?



I just wanted to say I can’t change my profile picture on iOS. I’ve got the latest update and everytime I set my profile picture it says “successfully updated details” but then doesn’t change. I don’t know if it’s my connection but since everything else on the app is fine I don’t think it is.

Thanks for reading.


app works great only the like thing its still glitched it worked before the update


My profile picture problem must’ve been connection. My bad. :man_facepalming:


Hey, do you have an example from a certain fixture?


I’ll have it looked into for you


Looks like it is every fixture for me. Like that’s the next Der Klassiker and it shows the 2015 match as the latest one when there has been more recent matches. Same for Chelsea-ManU match. It shows 2015 as the most recent one when there has been more recent one. It shouldn’t work like this? Right?


We are aware and it’s getting fixed :slight_smile:


Hello ! We suffer a bug that we can not send any more messages, Everybody


Yeah true. Sometimes it is happening