Reporting Glitches and Bugs


The match finished 3-4, not 1-3


Hello, There is a small mistake, In french It’s “Nul” and not “Nuts” ^^


A list of bugs I have found

  1. comments not comming trough
  2. changing name or profile pic doesnt work sometimes
  3. if you chose an old photo for your profile pic it wont give you the option to save it and it just turns into a white screen (sometimes crashing)
  4. the app is really slow and always crashes when I move around for example i type in premiere league and tap on it it just crashes
  5. if you like a comment you cant see it if you liked it or not it just turns grey instead of red
  6. likes not comming trough
    7)replying sometimes when i reply it goes so slow that already 5 people commented on it and it can lead to confusion
  7. u have to refresh a couple of times to make sure if u send a comment or not and it just crashes sometimes
  8. when i go to my replys the app crashes
    There are probably many more but these annoy me the most


Hey, Thank you for this, will just have a few questions for you in regards to all these.

  1. What comments are you writing? Have you got an example? Or is it all of them?
  2. This bug should of been fixed, but I’ll let the team know.
    3, 4, 5,6, 7 & 8 I’ll try and recreate this myself.

Can you just tell me what device you are on & what CrowdScores version?



Hi JoeB

  1. Mostly longer comments
  2. I asked if i was the only IOS user that has these issues and an android user responded
    I’m an IOS user and I’m using the lates updates



Thanks for taking the to inform us of these bugs. Could you also let us know what device you are using and what OS of iOS you are using?

  1. I’m unable to recreate this - Could you possibly record a video of this happening? (I’ve explained how to do this later on in this post)
  2. Changing your profile picture seems to work for me but it takes a while to change - We’ll fix this. We’ll also fix the username not changing
  3. Can’t recreate this - Are you able to get a video or screenshot?
  4. Can’t recreate this - Are you able to get a video of this?
  5. We are aware of this and will fix it asap.
  6. This is probably related to bug #5 so we’ll fix this as well
  7. We can fix this so that it refreshes automatically
  8. Can’t recreate this - Are you able to get a video?

How to record a video on iOS;

  1. Open Settings and tap Control Centre then Customise Controls.

  2. Find ‘Screen Recording’ in the list and tap the + button beside it.

  3. Once added you can leave Control Centre.

  4. From now on, any time you swipe up from the bottom of the display to access the Control Centre, you will see the new Screen Recording button appear (it’s a circle with a dot inside it).

  5. Tap the recording icon to start the screen recording.

  6. Following a three-second countdown, everything on the screen will be recorded.

  7. While you are recording there will be a red bar at the top of the screen.

  8. When you’ve finished recording tap on the red bar (or if that doesn’t register, swipe up and then press the Record button in Control Centre again).

  9. Tap on Stop.

  10. Your screen Recording video will be saved in Photos where you can access and edit the video if you wish.

We really appreciate you helping us with this!


Hello Sarge, the profile pic bug is fixed I think because I tried it myself and I can pick older pics
The crashing has been reduced but I’ll let u know when it happens


Hello staff, there is a bug or something where u can’t see who scored
Normally if u go on chat you see the chat and the scoreboard
You used to see who scored not now
Is that a bug or is it just removed
By the way thanks for fixing liking
Refreshing still feels a bit weird
Does that have to do with my phone because it’s over 2 years old and iphones are known to slow down after a couple of years that could explain the crashing and stuff




I think I know what you mean about the scoreboard but are you able to send a screenshot of this?

We’ve got a new release that we are rolling out next week that should fix numerous bugs you have spotted.

Let us know if you find anything else!




I thought that’s what you meant. We’ve fixed this in the new release which we’re starting to rollout next week.


Hello sarge
This was a thing I forgot to mention
Contributions are very broken
For example I can easily get first by just tapping random things
Or I can get points if I look at the scoreboard
For example reus scored 30 minutes ago I just contribute I just get random contributions
By tapping random things I meant for example aguero assisted and jesus scored even when that never happened


Hi @sarge @joeb92 @SophD25,

I’m on iOS version 4.4.2. For some reason, I can’t currently change my username. Every time I register an available and valid username, then press ‘Done’, my name remains as ‘Raumdeuter’.
Any help would be appreciated.



This is going to be fixed in the newest update
I have it TestFlight ask them for an invite code


Eibar’s stadium have no 100000 capacity


This is annoying happens to old pics everytime


Hey, what screen is this?


When you chose your profile pic I don’t know if it still exists I just got the newest version
And btw when does user of the month get anounced


I had both the version just released and the one before that and never experienced that. It should be gone for you now if you had it.


I don’t know if this only me, or whether it’s because I was on android before iOS but I constantly have 50 notifications and I can’t go any further back than a week ago and they just won’t clear. Is there any way to help resolve this?