Russia 2018 World Cup


Who do you think is going to win?

I’m backing Spain.


Panama are easily the clear favorites imo :smirk:


I’m going for Germany.


Going for the dark horse of Belgium Souffle


I’m gonna go for Spain :es:


I think France will win.


Well, as an eternal optimist I hope England win but I’d be happy just to get out of the group with our squad. But I think Argentina, Germany or Spain to win the world cup. If it’s not England then I’d like Argentina to win it just for Messi.
I’d rather Messi win a world cup over Ronaldo anyday


Of course i want Germany to do it, but i think Brazil will win. Still dont like them tho


And Finish! World Cup win France! :cool:


Was the only one here to back France…really happy to have picked the winners!