Sign-Up to Test V4 of CrowdScores on iOS


We are excited to announce that soon we will be launching a BETA version of our v4 iOS app for users to begin testing. All you need to do is give us your email address in the form below to get involved.

When the BETA version is released you will receive an email from Apple’s TestFlight program. Install the TestFlight app and you will be able to access the BETA version of CrowdScores.

Please submit feedback either via the forum or email on

We will let you know as soon as the BETA app is live.



We intend to send out emails with instructions on how to test v4 on Friday afternoon so make sure to send your email address via the form above if you want to try it out.


Sorry for the holdup. The BETA release should go live tomorrow. I’ll keep you updated.


Invites have been sent :sunglasses:


How can I join CrowdScores?@sarge


@sarge How can I join CrowdScores?


@KRAL Send an email to with the title “CrowdScores Beta Testing” and we’ll get you set up.


Thank you! @sarge :heart: okay


Ffs looolllllllllll! !!


You can simply Signup in the crowd score on ios. It is the most of the to test in the V$ of the crowd score. you can also use the AOL in Ios.if your AOL mail is not working properly then please contact AOL Mail Error Code 554 for the best solution.